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· 6th May, 2020


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An influencer marketing platform that connects sustainably-minded brands with influencers.

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Pinfluencer is an influencer marketing platform that connects sustainably-minded brands with influencers in order to facilitate collaborations that have a net positive impact. During my third year of University, I joined the Pinfluencer team as a Front-End Developer / Designer, being also one of the earliest team members.

I mainly focus on front-end development while also being involved in the design team to build a user-centered visually appealing web platform using the latest front-end technologies.

Responsibilities: ∙ Writing the front-end code and building the user interface of the Pinfluencer platform (Vue.js, SASS, Bootstrap). ∙ API-driven development. ∙ Debugging code errors and troubleshooting software issues. ∙ UX/UI enhancements. ∙ Meeting with the project management team to discuss application features and design ideas. ∙ Researching similar application designs and user interface modules. ∙ Creating website and application design mockups with enhanced UI features. ∙ Updating the platform in line with user trends. ∙ Participating in UX Focus groups.

The current project's status is pre-alpha.

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