Don't code for the money


By Xavier Mod on 6th May, 2020 · 2 min read


Coding is exciting, complex and very very satisfying (bug fixing excluded). That should be the reason why we start coding, not because of the SIX FIGURE DREAM SALARY.

"Don’t lose sight of reality while being charmed by our culture’s Silicon Valley romance."- quote extracted from TechCrunch.

I have consumed tech media way before I started coding; Youtube channels, blogs, Instagram accounts... a bit of everything. Before I coded, I knew software engineering, in general, could involve a good salary, even a great salary. But that was never the reason why I started in the first place, what really attracted me about the coding world was EVERYTHING except the figures: crafting something that will be used by lots of people, actively participating on how the Internet gets more and more powerful, the global coding community, the open-source community, the almost infinite paths of specialization... but definitely not the money. I feel joy when I'm coding. I feel I'm getting into an immersive world where it's just me and my device, talking to each other to produce great things, and that should be the reason why one gets involved in this field.

"Top 3 EASIEST and HIGHLY-PAID Programming Languages to Learn in 2019" - a YouTube video title I've found.

There are no easy programming languages. I'm not even a senior dev and I have realized this is the actual truth. Mastering a programming language, regardless of which one it is, takes years and years of learning everything about it, fixing bugs, diving deep into hard concepts... and once you "master" a programming language, there are too many other things to take into consideration: design patterns, other common practices, environments, software... YouTube videos named that talk about "easy" or "highly-paid" programming languages just mislead newbies. 

"The line between learning to code and getting paid to program as a profession is not an easy line to cross." - quote extracted from TechCrunch.

While there may be some statistics that show how Python devs are getting a 6 figures salary each year, no one guarantees you are going to become one of them. We should all be learning programming languages because they're cool and because of all the amazing stuff we can do with them.

To sum up...

Coding is one of the hardest yet fun things to do. We should all be selling the "dream" of how we build amazing stuff with it, how lots of people started with an idea and now have changes the lives of millions... We should not be talking about amazing salaries that not all of us end up getting. Instead of watching these videos about how you will become a millionaire, go to Reddit and find a community where ppl share the amazing stuff they're building. 

Xavier Mod