Hi, I'm Xavier!

✅ Open to Full-Time opportunities from March/April 2021

24 y/o Product-Minded Front-End Engineer with the working know-how of UX/UI design principles. Based in London.

Having worked part-time in +4 startups/agencies while pursuing a bachelor's degree in Digital Design, I'm always looking forward to joining engineering/product teams around the world. Fell in love with technology, design, and entrepreneurship at a very young age, and found my passion in crafting world-class digital products that fix problems, make people's lives easier and leave a mark in the world.

1const xavierMod = {
2 role: 'Front-End Developer',
3 experience: 'Junior/Mid',
4 skillset: ['Front-End', 'UX/UI'],
5 stack: ['JS, React, Vue, Node'],
6 education: 'University',
7 openToWork: '✅ From March/April 2021'

Professional Experience

  • 2019-present [PT] Front-End Developer (Vue.js) at

  • 2019-2020 [PT] Front-End Developer (Junior) at Karmoon

  • 2018-2019 [PT] UI Designer / Developer at FitSprint

  • 2017-2018 [PT] UI Designer / Visual Designer at Furgo


  • 2018-2021. BSc (Hons - Averaging at First) - Digital Design. College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences at Brunel University London

  • 2016-2018. Specialisation (9.08/10) - Marketing & Advertising at CEP Barcelona

  • Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (native)

Tech Stack

I'm a front-end dev with a strong foundation of UX/UI and mid knowledge of back-end development.

1HTML / CSS (SCSS) / JavaScript
2React (Gatsby, Redux, Styled Components, Next)
3Vue (Vuex)
4Version Control (Git, Github, Bitbucket...)
5TypeScript, Node.js, Java, GraphQL.
6Databases (MongoDB/Mongoose, SQL/MySQL)
7CMS (Sanity, Strapi, Shopify...)
9NPM/Yarn, Webpack, Babel, APIs.
10API-Driven development

My career roadmap

Though I focus on the front-end, it is my short-term goal to deep into full-stack. My long-term goal and life passion is to become a CTO of a world-class sustainable company which is changing the world through technology.

1✅ Intern (Front-End)
2👨‍💻 Junior Software Developer (Front-End)
3Software Developer (Front-End)
4Senior Software Developer (Front-End/Full-Stack)
5Tech Lead
6Technical Project Manager
7Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

You still want to know more? Here are some facts:

  • Technology is my career choice but also my passion and hobby. I do not believe in Work-Life Balance. I believe in Work-Life Harmony .

  • I'm a Product-Minded Software developer. I started coding because I wanted to craft world-class digital products.

  • Having been in love with English and the UK since I was a kid, I decided to move there when I was 21. Found myself in London and no planning on going back!

  • Been a vegetarian for a long time.

  • Music's my second passion and I'm constantly working on new songs.

  • I love to broaden my mind. Need to regularly read about Technology, Astronomy, Minimalism , Philosophy and Science. (I play games too!)

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